Delivering added value to your business

ZENAI’s platform is a combination of our deep technical and financial knowledge with our proven machine learning expertise. Benefit from the various value generators of our solution which enable you to increase efficiency and reach a high degree of automation.

The unique and innovative toolset, developed by our inhouse machine learning experts, incorporates and makes use of the latest scientific findings. It encompasses methods for statistical analysis and clustering, the next generation of deep neural networks as well as numerical approximation schemes for stochastic and partial differential equations.

ZENAI helps to solve persistent problems that seemed unsolvable before.

To learn more about unlocking your business potential – read our application examples below. 

Boost your revenues

Accelerate business development

Achieve your ambitious growth targets.

ZENAI's machine learning platform helps you to make the ultimate investment decisions, identifies new opportunities for top-line growth and in addition will reduce your operating costs.

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Stay one step ahead of the competition

Predictive maintenance

Know in advance when certain business processes need to be improved or updated in order to avoid interruptions and also to stay up to date.

The predictive capabilities of intelligent systems make it possible to alert operators to intervene in certain processes and perform an early verification of orders or recalibrate underlying models. Know exactly when to act in order to maintain your competitive edge.

Always be one step ahead

Enhance the monitoring of your activities

Risk identification

Protect yourself from sophisticated, fraudulent activities between different participants (internal or external).

In this context, artificial intelligence can be used to detect fraud or anomalies in for example incoming orders, price deviations or behavioral patterns of third parties or customers. The ZENAI algorithms help identify and report any risky situation.

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Reach leaner and faster processes

Data clean-up

Get rid of inconsistent data, often caused by human interaction, for example by typos or by using inconsistent tags.

Our machine learning platform makes it possible to highlight outliers or incorrect data instances and enables automatic mapping and tagging. This will facilitate the automation of new processes, improve the efficiency of already automated processes and significantly reduce manual effort.

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Make smarter decisions

Data analysis

Unleash the value of your extensive amount of financial data which contains non-trivial relationships or structures that are often difficult to reveal.

Modern data mining methods enable you to effectively bundle financial and customer data, generate visualisations by embedding high-dimensional data into visual space, and create models such as demand predictions. Sort and interpret your data with ZENAI's platform to discover new solutions with utmost accuracy.

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