Machine learning for next level Finance

applied scientific research in machine learning

ZENAI is a team of proven, highly skilled scientists and experts in the field of financial machine learning.

As scholars in statistical learning and machine learning we drive and conduct empirical research and identify practical applications to improve business performance.

It is our mission to leverage the great potential of scientific research to create real competitive advantage for our clients. 

Taking your business to
the next level

Let us identify your individual opportunities for machine learning and apply them to your business needs.

Together we will unleash the power of financial machine learning at your own pace and at the scale your organisation requires. 

Taking your company to the next level is our commitment.

Turning your data into results

Our ZENAI 4D method empowers your artificial intelligence / machine learning strategy to produce tangible results for continued success.

We accompany and advise you at every step of the way, from the initial evaluation to the implementation of your personalised machine learning algorithms. This enables you to obtain measurable results in every phase. 

Our open and scalable machine learning platform allows you to get started immediately, while deciding on the continuation and intensity of your project after each building block.

achieving sustainable competitive advantage

Our services and tailored offerings reflect our vast experience and understanding of the financial industry in combination with the development of state-of-the-art machine learning solutions.

Partner with us and be at the forefront of innovation.